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ntPHPSelector EA4 compatible Version is released !!!!
Posted by Edward N on 16 January 2017 01:20 AM


ntPHPSelector EA4 compatible Version is released !!!! 


We are glad to inform that there is an update to one of our plugin named Ntphpselector which has given us a huge amount of appreciation and recognition and now it is compatible with EA4. This  plugin was having its major importance to those who is using EA3 when multiphp versions was only possible using cloudlinux php selector.

Main importance of this plugin now a days is for those

1. Who use our plugin when using EA3 and by installing this plugin , they can get themselves upgraded to EA4 and will not loose the existing php version settings.
2. Who wish to have separate php version on a per directory basis, which both cloudlinux and cpanel php selector is not providing.

ntPHPselector plugin allows user to select preferred PHP version per directory on the same domain. Our new ntPHPselector version 4 is released for the cPanel servers with EasyApache 4 version, which support php versions 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1 by default and our developers are working on the php version 5.3 to integrate with the plugin.

Note : ntPHPselector plugin require SuPHP on the system; it will not work with any other PHP handlers for now.


  • Select preferred PHP version per directory on the same domain.
  • Use multiple versions of php in the same domain itself
  • Easy Access to multiple versions of PHP
  • User friendly user interface
  • Use the multiphp option from cPanel for additional php's , So there is no security issues
  • Simple back-end logic; can be understand / troubleshoot anyone who knows basic Linux
  • Installation is quite simple
  • Compatible with EasyApache 4
  • Additional modules can be added using EasyApache 4 from WHM
  • Custom additions to the package will be added based on request / feedback
  • One Click remove for the configuration in the preferred directory
  • Complete uninstallation is very easy

Get it

Due to funding issues, there is a long delay in the development of ntPHPselector. We appreciate your kind heartedness for sending us a small amount of donation which will help us to provide regular updates and also help us to launch new plugins and scripts. You can donate any amount and we expect a minimum of $2 for this product. You have three options to install the product in your server.

For more details please go to our Website ntphpselector section or Click Here

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